Three Reasons Why My Clients Should Love Technology

Video Conferencing

Over the years, we have become reliant on email and our cellphones for our communication needs, but never more than how much we rely on them today. These days, the internet and cellphone networks have allowed most of us to work far more efficiently. Without these advancements, we would spend more time and investment reaching clients and less time providing services. 

Courts have also been incorporating the magic of video communication for testimony, but that is a topic that we will save for a different blog. While I truly miss the human dimension that in-person meetings and testimony provide, I ultimately believe that my clients benefit from technology. 

Here are three of the most important reasons why I believe that my clients should love technology: 

Using Technology for Interviews and Screening

Typically, initial interviews and screening have mostly been accomplished on the phone. However, now with the addition of video conferencing, our communication can become more personal. By using video conferencing, my clients have the accessibility to “size me up” by seeing and hearing if I am the right fit for them, and I can do the same! Putting a face to a name is very helpful in establishing rapport and trust. Until now, I rarely met my clients unless I was needed for testimony. 

Transmission of Photocopied Materials Has Never Been Easier

The advancements in technology have allowed my clients to share evidence and business documents by using secure “in-the-cloud” applications such as Dropbox or OneDrive. In a matter of seconds, we can be on the same page, reviewing documents together.

Besides that, the instant gratification of providing reports the moment I finish also makes my day! 

The Courts Are Starting to Use More Video Conferencing 

Now that courts are becoming accustomed to using video conferencing, I expect that they may not fully return to in-person court testimony. Judges are fully aware that experts are expensive, and expert testimony is even more expensive. If I can avoid giving up a day or more away from my office, I do not have to charge for the time it takes to travel and wait for my turn to testify. That equals huge savings for the average client. 

Here’s the bottom line…

Technology has allowed my clients to spend less money on the same work product. That sounds like a “winning” to me! 

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