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How Many Signature Samples Do You Need?

Forensic Document Examiner Studying With Magnifying Glass

When my clients first contact me, I am often asked how many signature samples for comparison will I need. The short answer is, the more the better. This may seem obvious to some, but I am sure that most clients want to know how much effort will be required on their end. Here are two… Read more »

Three Reasons Why My Clients Should Love Technology

Video Conferencing

Over the years, we have become reliant on email and our cellphones for our communication needs, but never more than how much we rely on them today. These days, the internet and cellphone networks have allowed most of us to work far more efficiently. Without these advancements, we would spend more time and investment reaching… Read more »

Word of the Month – Biometrics

The National Academy of Science has advised forensic experts to deliver measurable and reproducible results when submit evidence and opinions in court. As a result, I’ve noticed that forensic science has a new FFB (favorite forensic buzzword) – BIOMETRICS.   So, what the heck is biometrics, anyway? In the world of forensics it simply means, measurable characteristics… Read more »