San Diego, CA Forensic Document Examiner

▪ Questioned Document Examiner
If you have to visit a court of law regarding documents that you believe to be illegitimate, the questioned document examiners at Forensic QDE Lab in San Diego, CA can help. Forensic QDE Lab can provide you with document examining services and serve as your forgery examination experts when you make your case. You’ll be confident in your ability to convince a judge that the documents could potentially be forged with Forensic QDE Lab working on your behalf.

▪ Forensic Document Examination
In order to figure out if a document is authentic, Forensic QDE Lab in San Diego, CA, will do a full forensic document examination. Forensic QDE Lab utilizes specific technologies for document examinations to discover if documents are authentic. Forensic QDE Lab can decipher any illegible handwriting on documents, point out any possible erasures on them, determine how old they are, and more. All of these factors can play an important role in a criminal investigation that could make or break a court case.

▪ Forensic Handwriting Analysis
Forensic QDE Lab in San Diego, CA can not only check documents for signs of forgery but can also run tests on handwriting present on the documents. In some cases, Forensic QDE Lab can help determine where the handwriting came from. In others, Forensic QDE Lab can analyze handwriting and figure out how long it has been on those documents. If you need a forensic handwriting analysis done in San Diego, CA, as part of your forensic document examination, Forensic QDE Lab can help.

▪ Forged Signature Analysis
If you are searching for a company that conducts forensic document examinations, Forensic QDE Lab’s forgery examination expert in San Diego, CA, can help. Forensic QDE Lab will work to see if signatures on documents might be forged. An in-depth examination of signatures is required to prove forgeries, and Forensic QDE Lab will work tirelessly to see to it that any inaccuracies located within signatures are highlighted. This service can be especially useful for those trying to prove cases of fraud and forgery in court.

Attorneys, law enforcement officials, and more have been calling on Forensic QDE Lab for forensic document analysis in San Diego, CA, for years now. Call 760-310-1279 today to arrange to work with a forgery examination expert from Forensic QDE Lab.