San Bernardino, CA Forensic Document Examiner

▪ Questioned Document Examiner
Forensic QDE Lab has been providing attorneys, law enforcement officials, and more with a questioned document examiner in San Bernardino, CA for decades. A Certified Questioned Document Examiner can be used to analyze documents and point out any discrepancies within them that could point to proof of fraud or forgery. Forensic QDE Lab can provide you with a questioned document examiner today and help you analyze specific documents for civil and criminal cases.

▪ Forensic Document Examination
Call on Forensic QDE Lab for a professional forensic document examination in San Bernardino, CA. Forensic QDE Lab can determine how old documents are, if anything was erased from them over time, and so much more. Forensic QDE Lab can even decipher illegible handwriting and tell you if anything has been erased from the documents over the years. You will get a full report on your documents when the examination is done, and Forensic QDE Lab can even provide an expert testimony regarding the documents in court if needed.

▪ Forensic Handwriting Analysis
As part of a forensic document examination, Forensic QDE Lab will perform forensic handwriting analysis in San Bernardino, CA. This analysis can be used to reveal who handwriting belongs to as well as how long handwriting has been on the documents. It can also be used to determine if there is any handwriting that was erased from your documents. Consider having a full forensic handwriting analysis done on documents so that you can authenticate the handwriting before you attempt to use documents as part of a court case.

▪ Forged Signature Analysis
Are the signatures on documents legitimate? The only way to know for sure is to have forged signature analysis completed by Forensic QDE Lab in San Bernardino, CA. During forged signature analysis, signatures are inspected closely for signs of forgery. Often times, forgery can go undetected but Forensic QDE Lab utilizes the latest practices to spot signatures that have potentially been forged. Forensic QDE Lab will point out discrepancies in signatures and show you why forgery might be suspected.

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