Los Angeles Forensic Document Examiner

▪ Questioned Document Examiner
Do you need professional analysis conducted on questionable documents as part of an ongoing investigation? Forensic QDE Lab can provide you with a Certified Questioned Document Examiner in Los Angeles, CA, that can identify handwriting, evaluate the authenticity of documents, and determine if any alterations have been made to the documents over time. The questioned document examiners at Forensic QDE Lab put documents through a unique scientific process to find out more about them in order to report the results back to you in a timely fashion.

▪ Forensic Document Examination
Forensic QDE Lab works hard to provide professional forensic services in regards to questioned documents. While documents might look legit to the naked eye, a Certified Questioned Document Examiner from Forensic QDE Lab can do a thorough examination of the documents in order to determine the authenticity of those documents. Forensic QDE Lab is equipped to handle a wide-variety of forensic document examinations in Los Angeles, CA.

▪ Forensic Handwriting Analysis
Forensic QDE Lab can provide you with forensic handwriting analysis in Los Angeles, CA, for counterfeit documents, forged checks, and much more, providing you with a summary of everything we find out about the handwriting on those documents. From how long the handwriting has been on the documents to who actually put the handwriting there, Forensic QDE Lab specializes in using the latest scientific techniques to analyze handwriting forensically.

▪ Forged Signature Analysis
Do you have documents in your possession that might feature forged signatures? Forensic QDE Lab in Los Angeles, CA, has forged signature analysis that can get to the bottom of signatures placed on almost any documents. Our forensic handwriting analysis and forged signature analysis can help you identify fraud and forgery in civil and criminal matters. You could benefit in a big way from proving forged signatures were used on official documents.

Our team of Certified Questioned Document Examiners at Forensic QDE Lab can work with you to provide a variety of forensic document analysis services in Los Angeles, CA. Call 760-310-1279 to get started today.