Irvine, CA Forensic Document Examiner

If you are planning on using documents as part of an investigation, you’ll want to make sure those documents are authentic. Forensic QDE Lab has Certified Questioned Document Examiners in Irvine, CA, dedicated to making sure that documents are legitimate. From identifying the handwriting used on the documents to determining if alterations have been made to them, Forensic QDE Lab can examine many different aspects of those documents to see if they’ll stand up in court.

▪ Forensic Document Examination
During a forensic document examination in Irvine, CA, from Forensic QDE Lab, a questioned document examiner will used an advanced scientific process and a specific skill set to identify any issues with documents. Forensic QDE Lab relies on the latest equipment to discover any discrepancies located within documents. Forensic QDE Lab can compare typewritten and computer-generated documents, identify any altered documents including photocopies, and more. Forensic QDE Lab in Irvine, CA, is beyond equipped to conduct a full forensic document examination.

▪ Forensic Handwriting Analysis
Forensic QDE Lab in Irvine, CA, consists of professional document examiners that can provide thorough forensic handwriting analysis in Irvine, CA. Forensic QDE Lab can set you up with a Certified Questioned Document Examiner who can take a closer look at handwriting and identify where it came from and when it was placed on documents. Forensic QDE Lab’s forensic handwriting analysis in Irvine, CA, can be used to help build a case on your behalf in court.

▪ Forged Signature Analysis
If you believe that you have important documents with forged signatures, Forensic QDE Lab in Irvine, CA, can do an in-depth signature analysis for you. Forensic QDE Lab can point out any discrepancies that exist in signatures and identify forgeries for you. This service can be especially beneficial if you’re trying to prove fraud or forgery on legal documents in a court of law. Forensic QDE Lab works with lawyers, law enforcement professionals, and many others in order to provide forged signature analysis.

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